Client: Northampton Museum and Art Gallery

Location: Northampton, UK

Main Contractor: Realm Projects Ltd

This new permanent NMAG gallery celebrates the wonderful world of footwear and Northampton’s long history of shoemaking. At the very heart of the gallery are the stories of the people who design, make and wear shoes.

The exhibition’s designer combined modern and sleek plinths and showcases with striking colourful panels and graphics. This interesting fusion created the perfect surroundings to display the vibrant collection of shoes and shoe heritage, with 15,000 pairs of shoes on display!

MJS was appointed to deliver and install the joinery items – plinths, setworks and panelling as well as to integrate and coordinate the works of other contractors and specialists – AVH, showcase manufacturer, graphics. Careful planning was required for the integration and installation of large showcases, including oversized circular cases with steel structural supports.

From Queen Victoria’s wedding shoes, Elton John’s Tommy boots to the iconic Red Boots from the film “Kinky Boots”: who doesn’t love shoes? We do! Which makes us even prouder of the successful delivery of this unusual display.