At our Midlands-based workshop, we manufacture bespoke joinery utilising modern technologies and traditional craftsmanship. Our skilled bench joiners share our enthusiasm, with an eye for detail and a passion for creating exceptional pieces for our clients. We understand materials with their advantages and limitations. We advise on the best methods of construction and the best-suited materials to bring your vision to life.

ESTIMATING AND COST ADVISORY: We have strong relationships with suppliers and contractors, which allows us to source the best materials and services at competitive prices. We optimise the use of materials and streamline our manufacturing process, while thinking about our environmental impact. When required, we work with our clients through the value engineering process to ensure the design intent meets the allocated budget, without compromising on quality or durability.

DESIGN: We provide relevant construction drawings and follow a standard approval process. We are experienced in building complex structures from a variety of different materials and are able to offer alternative methods and technical solutions compatible with the design intent.

MANUFACTURE: We fabricate joinery items off site and/or on site. Our skilled team works with a full variety of materials: timber, wood fibre sheets, veneers, solid surfaces, metalwork and glass. We can apply a wide range of sprayed finishes in-house: from textured coatings to high-gloss protective lacquers.

INTEGRATION: We collaborate with other suppliers, manufacturers, trades & contractors and we integrate their products into our designs, drawings and structures.

Project Management has become a natural part of MJS’s service. We tailor and implement our management standards, regardless of the project size and scope. Whether we are appointed as a fit-out contractor or a labour-only site installation specialist, we always provide a professional and comprehensive overlook. We oversee projects from start to completion and beyond, as the main contractor. We coordinate with sub-contractors, client direct appointments and specialist packages. In a creative, hardworking and problem-solving manner, we make sure the projects are delivered on time and within budget. This centralised management allows us to provide the highest possible quality of product and service.

COST MANAGEMENT: We understand the importance of clients’ budgets – both public and commercial. Therefore, we utilise all necessary processes to ensure those budgets are protected and that any changes are raised promptly and approved by our clients.

CHANGE AND RISK CONTROL: No matter how big or small the project, change is always a part of it. And we’re ready for it! We set up and maintain clear communication channels, both internally and externally, to ensure we can identify, assess and react to changes immediately and effectively.

PLANNING AND QUALITY MANAGEMENT: We pride ourselves on our work and we truly care about getting the job done with the best possible outcome for our clients. This is applicable to all aspects of the projects we work on, from our internal procedures and processes to careful resource management & extensive quality checks during manufacture, assembly and installation.
MJS has a pool of highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced site managers and site teams for projects of any scale and complexity: from fast-paced, quick installations to long-term projects; from new establishments to listed buildings; from small-scale installations to multi-million-pound investments. In a variety of working environments, from sensitive ‘live’ venues to challenging construction sites.

We’ve got it all covered! We plan and manage the safest, most efficient method of installation, all in close coordination with the clients, sub-contractors and other trades. We follow and implement the CDM 2015 Regulations and we pride ourselves on our high H&S standards and quality assurance procedures. Our site teams form a natural extension of our in-house workforce and are an integral part of the projects delivered by MJS.

OFF SITE: Our site managers and assemblers are heavily involved in the pre-construction phase, from project planning and manufacture through to site mobilisation. Our site managers offer support to the project team with install programmes, construction phase plans and H&S files, RAMS, site logistics & delivery schedules.

ON SITE: Our teams focus on clean and flawless fit and finish, H&S as well as clear communication with all involved parties. They lead on the coordination with other contractors and trades, making sure the programme is adhered to, and the quality is controlled. Our site managers organise progress meetings, compile snagging lists, assist with the handover documentation, offer client training and assist with O&M manuals.
Over the years, MJS has built an extensive network of skilled site managers and operatives across the country. We assist our clients with a labour-only service and provide suitable site teams for a diverse range of projects in both the museum and fit-out sectors.

We know our workforce, their skills and strengths and we take the time to carefully select the right operatives for each project. We have an excellent reputation for being a trusted, reliable and safety conscious contractor. We are fully insured and accredited by various H&S organisations.

SKILL SET: MJS site teams are clean, respectful and able to effectively communicate with all levels of personnel involved in the project. Our operatives are trained and have the latest professional tools and equipment. Our skilled and versatile joiners work with complex and detailed designs, specialist materials and high-end finishes. They are also confident in structural and general carpentry, ceilings, partitions and flooring.

REPRESENTING CLIENTS: Our teams are used to working in delicate and challenging live environments under the watchful eyes of the public and they understand the importance of maintaining safe, clean and robust sites. When required, our project managers provide external support and, from behind the scenes, ensure that a professional image of our clients is represented on site.

BRIDGING THE GAP: MJS’s trusted site managers make sure the sites are run professionally and meet all relevant CDM regulations and H&S requirements. They manage sub-contractors, client direct specialists and vendors in accordance with the on-site programme.